Mortgage Rates

Below are some of the loan programs SEFCU Mortgage Services offers. To learn more about these programs and many others, call us at 800-444-6313.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculations shown are based on the following terms:

*Conventional loan of $160,000 based on a value of $200,000 for a primary residence and purchase transaction of an existing single family detached home in the City of Albany, Albany County, New York for an interest rate lock period of 60 days and includes tax and homeowner's insurance escrows.

*The actual APR and fees will be based on individual loan features and creditworthiness.

Program Name            

Rate         Points      APR

*30-Yr Fixed-Rate  


3.625%   0.50%    3.761%

*30-Yr Fixed-Rate  


3.750%     0.00%     3.891%

*20-Yr Fixed-Rate 


3.500%     0.50%     3.655%

*15-Yr Fixed-Rate 


3.000%     0.00%     3.174%

*10/1 ARM


2.875%     0.00%     3.684%

*5/1 ARM


2.75%     0.00%     4.114%


3.625%     0.00%     5.170%


3.625%     0.00%     3.835%


3.875%     0.00%     4.468%

*Rates are based on conforming limits and are subject to change without notice. Rates last updated on 09/20/2019